The Future is Urban

Edmonton City Plan


Nobody wants to read a city plan, unless it’s their job

Aside from city plan­ners, no one’s rush­ing to read a city plan. Why? Iron­i­cal­ly, the very doc­u­ment that’s meant to share Edmonton’s vision for its future is nor­mal­ly any­thing but vision­ary. Dry, dull and cor­po­rate are far more fit­ting descrip­tions of the usu­al city plan. Our job was to change that per­cep­tion.


Goodbye dry read. Hello immersive digital experience.

Edmonton’s urban expan­sion plan is tru­ly vision­ary and the best way to cre­ate excite­ment among res­i­dents and busi­ness­es was to cre­ate assets that were equal­ly for­ward-think­ing and engag­ing. So, we took what would nor­mal­ly be a print­ed, coil-bound, non-page-turn­er and turned it into an immer­sive expe­ri­ence that used strik­ing motion and cap­ti­vat­ing design to bring facts, fig­ures, and Edmonton’s grand plans for the future to life.


Finally, a medium as exciting and as the message

A fresh take on a city plan proved it was pos­si­ble to engage peo­ple. Lots of peo­ple. The site attract­ed near­ly 60K ses­sions, pro­duced thou­sands of PDF down­loads, and saw almost 20% of vis­i­tors make their way at least three-quar­ters of their way through the expe­ri­ence. Impres­sive for a city plan that would nor­mal­ly only be read by peo­ple who were paid to do so.

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