Unex­pect­ed Works


At its core, Unex­pect­ed Works is a phi­los­o­phy about cre­ativ­i­ty. It was designed to be rein­vent­ed, chal­lenged, and built upon. It’s a mind­set, in con­stant rein­ven­tion. Nev­er sta­t­ic, nev­er the same. Always new. Always sur­pris­ing. There are no rules but one: Always feel the unex­pect­ed.

DDB Advertising Staff Members in a Yellow Conference Room

At DDB, we put peo­ple before any­thing else, whether it’s prod­uct or prof­it. That’s why we’re always look­ing to expand our teams – we see humans as an asset, not a lia­bil­i­ty. Our work eth­ic is built on four fun­da­men­tal free­doms: The free­dom from fear, the free­dom to fail, free­dom from chaos, and free­dom to be!

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